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Call for Reviewers
Those interested in reviewing projects should email [email protected] briefly describing which projects they are interested in reviewing and what qualifications/experience they have in those practice areas.

Draft Chapters
Draft chapters of the new edition are placed on the website as they become available. Industry is reminded that the current edition of ARR puts the responsibility on practitioners to stay abreast of current research/best practice and not to use out dated techniques even when documented in ARR. It also explains that ARR is not to be treated as a standard where compliance with the published document constitutes acceptable practice. The draft flood frequency chapter of the new version of ARR is currently available. The introduction and chapter on peak flow estimation are expected to be released December 2011.

Project Updates
-Project 10 (People Safety) was extended to investigate Vehicle stability during flood events. The Literature review conducted by WRL is now available on the website

General Updates
Climate Change-
Engineers Australia with the Assistance of BoM and CSIRO are developing their climate change strategy which will outline research necessary to define the impact of climate change on design rainfall, losses, temporal patterns etc.

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