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7th International Conference on WSUD

The final annoucements and details are going around for the 7th International Conference on Water Sensitive Urban Design but as its scheduled for the 21-23 February 2012 you’d better check it out quickly.

Understanding the nexus between sustainable urban water management and the vitality, liveability and prosperity of urban communities is one of the most significant challenges of the 21st Century. Many urban communities are now faced with rising temperatures, longer and more severe droughts, more frequent and devastating floods and increased levels of water borne pollutants; all of which diminish the liveability of our urban areas and degrade our natural environments.

Our cities and communities need to become water sensitive; where water is managed within our urban areas to provide maximum value for a range of functions and users, including the natural environment. A water sensitive city is resilient and is able to cope with extended periods of drought and intense rainfall. A water sensitive community appreciates the scarcity and value of potable water supplies and supports the use of other water sources to enhance amenity, minimise heat island effects and improve their quality of life.

Building a water sensitive community cannot be achieved with traditional urban water management approaches alone. To meet to this challenge, an integrated approach is necessary; we should strive to effectively link the myriad design and implementation cultures of the different disciplines involved in urban water management.

2010 Water Sensitive Urban Design Workshop

On behalf of The Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority, GEMS Event management are running a number of Water Sensitive Urban Design Workshops over 2010. The first is scheduled for the 17th or 18th March 2010, details:

Construction and Establishment of Vegetated Stormwater Systems

Effective civil construction and landscape establishment of bioretention systems, wetlands and swales is required to minimise costs and timeframes and realise the stormwater management benefits of these systems.

This one-day course provides detailed step by step guidance on the construction and establishment of bioretention systems and stormwater wetlands in order to address the key issues faced during on-ground delivery. It covers construction methods that respond to the phases of development (i.e. civil construction, landscape establishment and house building) and protocols (inspection requirements, sign-off forms) that ensure successful construction and establishment.

Workshop Dates: Wednesday 17th March, 2010 or Thursday 18th March, 2010.

Venue: Sydney Masonic Centre
66 Goulburn St
Sydney NSW 2000

Local Government Officer fee – $390 per person including GST
Consultants or Industry fee – $550 per person including GST

Full details please contact: Julie McGraw on (02) 9744 5252