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Reconnecting waterways to reconnect fish habitats

A multidisciplinary research team has made important progress on the operation of a new type of fishway, the Tube Fishway, which promises to be a cost-effective alternative to existing fishways. This presentation will provide an overview of the Tube Fishway operation, including progress in attracting native Australian fish and lifting these fish across barriers of 4 and 8 m. It will further provide an outlook into upcoming field installations.

Event Date Time 17 / 05 / 2022 12:00 pm–01:00 pm
Free Registration Closes 15 / 05 / 2022 12:00 pm

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Fish Passage Presentation Slides

Thanks to the support of our presenters we have been able to post PDF copies of their slides for your information:

  1. John Haris: pres01-Harris.pdf
  2. Martin Mallen-Cooper: pres02-MallenCooper.pdf
  3. Matthew Gordos: pres03-Gordos.pdf

It was an interesting presentation with a great turn out.

Hydraulics of Fishways

Fishways for Engineers

When: 1st August 2018, 5:30pm for 6pm
Where: PSA Auditorium (see map below)
CPD: 2 hours
RSVP: Online at EA
Cost: $0 for EA members, $30 otherwise
Printable Flyer: Available for download

This presentation will be delivered in three parts followed by a Q&A style session with all three presenters. Across the three sections of this talk we will cover:

  1. A brief overview of the biological issues surronding fishways as well as the critical need to include these structures in all water management plans and designs – particularly to be included at the early project conception stages.
  2. The high capital and maintenance costs of fishways and how smart engineering solutions based on a detailed understanding of the biological needs of different species can, and is, bringing these costs down as well as improving performance.
  3. An overview of the hydraulics classification of fishway structures including rock ramp, vertical slot, fish lock and other fishways.
  4. Presentation of recent collaborative field trials by the Department of Primary Industries and UNSW WRL and their immediate application to design standards

Fishway Design and Example Montage (©NSW Department of Primary Industris, ABC News)
Fishway Design and Example Montage (©NSW Department of Primary Industris, ABC News)


Dr Matthew Gordos, Visiting Fellow John Harris and Dr Martin Mallen-Cooper

This presentation will be delivered in three parts. Dr Gordos is the Senior Manager – Fish Passage Unit and the Department of Primary Industries – Fisheries. John Harris is a visiting professor at the University of NSW and Dr Mallen-Cooper of Fishway Consulting Services. All three presenters have unique experience of both the research and practical applications of fish ladders and hydraulics as well as their design and implementation.

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