The Western Sydney Regional Group of EA is running a technical presentation that may be of interest to members of this list. It is titled: Stormwater Harvesting, Reuse and Water Strategy and will be given at the University of Western Sydney (Kingswood Campus), 2pm to 5pm on 30th November 2011. A map of the venue, together with full details, is available in PDF format.

There will be two speakers, namely:

  1. Mr. Geoff Douglas, Project Manager CBD Works Willoughby City Councils
  2. Dr. Bhakti Devi, Manager – Water Strategy, City of Sydney Council

Who will speak on:

(1) Chatswood Integrated Stormwater Management Scheme
Chatswood Integrated Stormwater Management Scheme was developed for a number of reasons including leading the community in water savings, reducing the impact of flooding, to provide a source of non potable water for local businesses, and in providing a possible first step in a council vision for a non-potable ring main around Chatswood. This project has major local and global significance in proving that significant potable water savings can be made by using available stormwater for office building and other business needs.

(2) City of Sydney Water Strategy
City of Sydney is currently developing a water strategy which is comprehensive in scope and scale. The strategy is therefore called Decentralised Water Master Plan. The master plan aims to identify all opportunities that exist within City of Sydney council area for improving water efficiency, improving stormwater quality and increasing the use of recycled water. Dr Devi’s presentation will provide the context and an overview of the master plan. It will also cover the baseline mapping which forms its foundation and the opportunities that can be seen emerging from it.