Project Updates

Project  5 (Regional Flood Methods)

In Australia, there are many streams where there is little/no recorded streamflow data. In these ungauged and poorly gauged catchments, there is insufficient information/data to obtain design flood estimates which are needed to size hydraulic structures, plan and design other water infrastructure and undertake various environmental and ecological studies. Regional flood frequency analysis (RFFA) is the most commonly adopted technique to derive design flood estimates on the ungauged catchments. A RFFA method attempts to transfer flood characteristics information from a group of gauged catchments to an ungauged catchment of interest. The RFFA methods recommended in the Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR) in 1987 need updating to reflect the advancements in RFFA methods and new additional streamflow data. find out more here

Project  10 and 15 (People Safety and Flow around buildings)

The final seminar on Flow around buildings and People Safety will be held at the 19th Queensland Water Symposium on 27-28 Sep in Brisbane. A large number of the profession have attended seminars held in Hobart, Perth, Melbourne, Newcastle, Darwin, and Sydney earlier this year.

Report Review Process

The Revision team is committed to producing a quality project for industry. As part of the revision process has been developed where reports are reviewed by the Technical Committee as well as Australian and International reviewers. The following reports are undergoing the detailed review process prior to release to the industry for comment and are expected to be released soon.

Project 4 Continuous rainfall sequences at a Point

Stage 2 report

Project 11 – Blockage of Hydraulic Structures

Stage 2 Report

General Updates

Call for Reviewers

Those interested in reviewing projects should email [email protected] briefly describing which projects they are interested in reviewing and what qualifications/experience they have in those practice areas.

HWRS 2012

Registration is now open for the Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium. HWRS 2012 is Australia’s largest event devoted to hydrology, water engineering and related areas in water resources management. The Symposium has a long history as Australia’s pre-eminent conference in hydrological research and provides a forum to discuss emergent and innovative approaches for practicing engineers and scientists. HWRS 2012 takes place from 19 – 22 November 2012 at Dockside, Sydney NSW.

HWRS 2012 will bring together a large audience of academics, government officials and industry practitioners. Symposium highlights will include presentations from various researchers working on the 21 Australian Rainfall and Runoff Revision Projects, and keynote speeches from some of the world’s leading experts in hydrology and water resources. Dr Rob Vertessy, of the Bureau of Meterology has been confirmed to give the Munro Oration. Register Here for HWRS 2012!


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