Project 1 – IFD Release

The Bureau of Meteorology has been working to develop new Intensity–Frequency–Duration (IFD) design rainfall estimates. We’re pleased to inform you these new IFDs have now been released.

The new IFDs are based on a more extensive database, with nearly 30 years’ additional rainfall data and data from 2300 extra rainfall stations. IFDs are part of a larger suite of design flood estimation inputs currently being revised though the ARR research project, to be released progressively over the next two years. Until all components of ARR are revised, the new IFDs can only be used in specific circumstances. Please read the guidance provided by Engineers Australia prior to using the new IFDs.

Visit the Bureau’s website to access the new IFDs, along with technical information about the new estimates and answers to common questions.

Please email [email protected] if you have any further questions or feedback about the new IFDs.

Draft Terminology Section Release

The section in ARR that defines the terminology to be used has been released. It aims to provide three things:

  • Clarity of meaning;
  • Technical correctness; and
  • Practicality and acceptability

This section defines terms such as Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) and Annual Recurrence Interval (ARI).

Call for Reviewers

Those interested in officially reviewing projects should email [email protected] briefly describing which projects they are interested in reviewing and what qualifications/experience they have in those practice areas. Please include a brief CV. Those wishing to review project reports in an unofficial capacity can download project reports from the website and email comments to [email protected].