Start time: 6:00pm AEST, 8th June 2021

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Management rules in regulated systems are in place to supply water and protect the environment through environment flow rules.

Have you ever wondered how it works? Why we have the Water Sharing Plans?

Tim Hosking will be discussing the policy and science behind active river management and Dan Berry the implementation and operation of the regulated rivers.

Active Management of rivers for the environment, community, and economy.

It takes a lot of work to put, the right amount of water, in the right place, at the right time. WaterNSW ensures rivers rise and fall with environmental water while also scheduling access to water by towns and irrigators with releases from dams and weirs.

Uses of Water for the Environment in the Macquarie catchment

Water for the Environment has been managed in the Macquarie River since 1980 – with the only thing consistent over that time being the controversy. A case study of 4.5 recent real-life uses of Water for the Environment will be presented to help illustrate why Tim struggles whenever someone asks what he does for a living.


Dan Berry

Manager Water System Operations, WaterNSW

Dan is responsible for implementation of statewide bulk water operations for; the Greater Sydney supply, as well as rural NSW. This includes the development of annual operating plans, flood operations, and the management of numerous decision support systems.

Dan’s career theme has been as a practitioner in integrating all the aspects of water reform, particularly directing these reforms to achieve environmental and productivity outcomes. Dan has a proven record in identifying and implementing changes that increase efficiency in water delivery and increase the value of these services to both customers and the environment.

Dan has over 35 years’ experience with WaterNSW and its predecessors. He has a degree in civil engineering and has completed a substantial portion of an MBA.

Tim Hosking

Senior Wetlands and Rivers Conservation Officer. NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Tim works as part of a regionally-based team within DPIE who work to maintain and improve the health of wetlands and aquatic ecosystems across north west NSW catchments. Currently his focus is on the Macquarie-Cudgegong catchment, with the main tool for this task being to manage Water for the Environment in collaboration with the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office.

Tim has a multi-disciplinary background including environmental engineering, environmental impact assessment, ecology, strategic and statutory planning, and now as a natural resource manager – which is lucky, as environmental water management is an entirely silo-busting occupation.

Tim has a combined degree in Environmental Engineering and Natural Resources Management, with postgrad studies in Urban and Regional Planning.