The next Water Panel webinar is schedule for 4:00pm on Wednesday 30 September and is free for EA members but pre-registration is required.

Scrivener Dam is a critical piece of Canberra’s infrastructure, maintaining water levels of the iconic Lake Burley Griffin. Like all dams in Australia, it requires regular maintenance and assessment to ensure ongoing safe operation.

Dye tracing of Scrivener Dam Model
Dye tracing of Scrivener Dam Model

A recent inspection identified potential for undesirable uplift forces under the stilling basin slab, triggering a more detailed assessment of dam stability. This included a 1:40 scale physical model by the UNSW Water Research Laboratory (WRL) for the National Capital Authority. The model was used to measure water dynamics for the dam at critical flood conditions, with a focus on dynamic pressures within the stilling basin.

This presentation will discuss findings and the unique advantages and limitations of physical hydraulic modelling. It will be streamed live from WRL and includes a live demonstration of model flows.

This event will be co-presented by WRL’s Dr Laura Montano and Ben Modra.

We have a PDF available with full details.