Project Updates

Project 4 (Continuous Rainfall Sequences at a point)

The Stage 2 report on Continuous simulation of rainfall sequences has been released for industry comment. Continuous simulation of rainfall sequences are becoming increasingly important in design flood estimation as they represent, arguably, the most rigorous technique available to represent the joint behaviour of flood-producing extreme rainfall events, the preceding antecedent rainfall conditions, and the influence of non-stationary catchment conditions. This report describes the outcomes from the second stage of ARR research project 4. The objectives of this stage are to:

  1. finalise the development of the regionalised state-based method of fragments approach as well as the development of a regionalised daily rainfall generation model; and
  2. assess the performance of the method of fragments model using the same statistics and locations that were used in Frost et al [2004].

Arising from this project, methods were developed to allow for the generation of sequences of point-rainfall at the resolution of the pluviograph data (in this study taken to be in increments of 6-minutes) at any location in Australia. The testing conducted in this phase of work focused on statistics relevant for using continuous simulation in flood frequency estimation. Specifically, the method was tested in the context of the capacity to reproduce both extreme rainfall and the antecedent rainfall leading up to the annual maxima event, with the suite of methods generally performing well against these metrics.

Download a PDF of the report.

Project 10 and 15 (People Safety and Two dimensional Modelling (Flow around buildings))

Flow around buildings and People Safety presentation will be held at the 19th Queensland Water Symposium on 27-28 Sep in Brisbane.

Report Review Process

The Revision team is committed to producing a quality project for industry. As part of the revision process has been developed where reports are reviewed by the Technical Committee as well as Australian and International reviewers. The following reports are undergoing the detailed review process prior to release to the industry for comment and are expected to be released soon.

General Updates Call for Reviewers

Those interested in reviewing projects should email [email protected] briefly describing which projects they are interested in reviewing and what qualifications/experience they have in those practice areas.

HWRS 2012

Registration is now open for the Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium. HWRS 2012 is Australia’s largest event devoted to hydrology, water engineering and related areas in water resources management. The Symposium has a long history as Australia’s pre-eminent conference in hydrological research and provides a forum to discuss emergent and innovative approaches for practicing engineers and scientists. HWRS 2012 takes place from 19 – 22 November 2012 at Dockside, Sydney NSW,
HWRS 2012 will bring together a large audience of academics, government officials and industry practitioners. Symposium highlights will include presentations from various researchers working on the 21 Australian Rainfall and Runoff Revision Projects, and keynote speeches from some of the world’s leading experts in hydrology and water resources. Dr Rob Vertessy, of the Bureau of Meterology has been confirmed to give the Munro Oration.

Register Now.


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