There is a workshop and presentation on WSUD in Sydney coming up:

Sydney Urban Water Management Seminar and Workshop
Macquarie University, 30th of November
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Spotlight on Chris Derry

Chris is a toxicology consultant, senior lecturer at UWS and a member of the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centres.

Chris has had a very distinguished career conducting research and publishing papers dealing with the health risks associated with re-using water.

Chris’s work with the WHO has recently centred on working with Chinese authorities dealing with the aftermath of their decentralised industrialisation policy. This has seen previously pristine lakes polluted by industrial effluent.

Recently he has worked with the City of Sydney to develop a monitoring and assessment framework for their raingardens. A fact sheet with further information is attached above.

We are very pleased that Chris has agreed to be part of the Seminar Session – his talk is titled “Sustainable monitoring of raingardens as decentralised treatment units”.

Note: this is not a Panel event and it is a pay to enter function.