Stand-Alone Pricing

We had previously announced that the workshops could only be booked as part of a conference package.  Now, however, that ARR team have announced stand-alone pricing of: $195 for each workshop.

Australian Rainfall and Runoff Climate Change Guidelines Launch

Speaker: Bryson Bates
Wednesday 26 November 2014, 4-5.30pm
Australian Rainfall and Runoff will be launching its Interim Climate Change Guidelines at the Engineers Australia National Convention 2014. These guidelines were lead by Dr Bryson Bates from CSIRO. This draft discussion paper draws on the most recent climate science, particularly the release of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report on the Physical Science Basis in September 2013 (IPCC, 2013) as well as the new climate change projections for Australia (CSIRO and BoM, 2014), and outlines an approach to address the risks from climate change in projects and decisions that involve estimation of design flood characteristics. For consistency with the revised IFD design estimates for Australia, the Interim Guideline is intended to be applied to current-day rainfall intensities with a probability of one exceedance per year or annual exceedance probabilities (AEPs) from 50% to 1%.

Australian Rainfall and Runoff Revision Project 18 – Interaction of Coastal Processes and Severe Weather Events

Speaker: Seth Westra, Michael Leonard
Thursday 27 November 2014, 3.30-5 pm
Australian Rainfall and Runoff Revision Project 18 focused on the Interaction of Coastal Processes and Severe Weather Events. This session  will include an overview of the methodology and a demonstration of the software developed by the University of Adelaide. This project will address the current short coming in estimating flood behaviour in the estuarine zone for current and future climate conditions.

To register please go to the Convention Website. Follow the normal registration process for the Convention. The system asks you to choose what you want to attend to calculate the fee to be charged. While the Convention has a number of workshops running the registration page is only showing them as ‘Wednesday Workshop’ and ‘Thursday Workshop.’ So depending upon the day you want to attend, you can register for one or both. Registration costs $195 per workshop.